Hallo (German for “hello”), and welcome to my blog!

I’m JT, and here’s a little bit more about me:

  • I took two years of German language & culture classes in high school, and three in college.
  • This is my first time traveling abroad (and also flying on a plane)!


I made this blog mainly to organize my thoughts about, and impressions of, Germany during my internship. I look forward to exploring a new culture, using my language skills, and gaining new perspectives, and I’m especially glad that I have the opportunity to share my experiences. Thank you for visiting, and I hope the content that I share is informative, interesting, and (occasionally) humorous!

Bis später (German for, “see you later”)!



4 thoughts on “About

  1. chucctastic says:

    Really excited to see all kinds of cool stuff from Germany!! Have a great time!!


  2. Cher'rie Neely says:

    You are amazing and beautiful!! Thank you for sharing!!


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About This Blog


I'm JT.

I made this blog to chronicle my first time in Germany, where I'll be living and working for a little while.