Pre-Departure Package

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Being prepared to go anywhere is very important, but it’s even wichtiger (“more important” in German) to be prepared when you’re going to another country. Like I’ve mentioned in the About section of this blog, this is my first time being abroad. Therefore, I don’t know how qualified I am to give advice on how exactly to prepare…

One thing I will mention is that it’s extremely important to travel with lots of patience and an open mind, and definitely take the time to laugh at yourself, and also to humorously reminisce over certain situations. If it’s your first time traveling abroad, alone, (or also flying on plane), this is crucial to keep yourself sane and (relatively) unstressed. I also just really like to make jokes about everything, so this is the approach that works for me. Find what works for you, and do it!

Luckily, Cultural Vistas sent me a pre-departure package a few weeks before I left home, and it was very helpful with preparing to go abroad (which was probably the point of it, as the name would imply).

Pictured next to the folder is an ID tag for luggage. Inside the folder is a neat little guide on how to acclimate to German living and working in Germany, packing tips, safety tips (including emergency numbers), housing tips, and some info on bureacratic procedures in Germany.

(not pictured is a cute little brochure about UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Germany)

So, okay, I have this stuff — how exactly is it helping me? Well, I’m currently living in Berlin and I’ll be taking an intensive language course at the Carl Duisberg Centren starting tomorrow. After my language course ends, I’m moving to Freiburg for an internship at the Sprachschule zum Ehrstein. In order to do any of this, I need to know about things like public transportation, banking, housing, and culture shock — all of which are covered in the items within the folder. These things can also be looked up online, of course, but it’s nice to have them all collected in one place.

Bis später,