Kleine Abenteuer in Berlin (Small Adventures in Berlin) part one


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Hallo, and thank you for reading. This will be a two-parter, maybe a three-parter, only because I have so many pictures to share. My phone yelled at me this morning about having very little space, so, I did the right thing and continued to take pictures of my neighborhood (that I just moved into recently) for a later entry, without deleting anything.

Anyway, a day after my arrival, we were taken on a boat tour through Berlin, on the river Spree. This was a particularly interesting experience for me, as the last time I had been on a boat (and the only time I’d been on a boat until last Friday) it had shaken me so badly I’d swore never to get on another watercraft of any sort, ever again. So, understandably, I was a little nervous — but, ultimately, I got on the boat, and had the experience of a lifetime.

Berlin is a beautiful city, a curious mix of old and new, and like our tour guide Rose (who was both witty and charming) explained, it is ever-changing.

(these images are numbered and linked, for convenience)

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During the tour, we were told a lot about Berlin’s rather tumultuous history (which we also learned a little about in school). Overall, it’s definitely a highlight of my first few days in Berlin. After the tour, I went to eat with one of the other program participants at the Boulevard Friedrichstraße.

Mmm, sehr lecker (German for, “very delicious”)!

Bis später,