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June 4, 2017 by JT

Recommended Listening: A Scenic World

Hallo, and welcome to the first post on this blog. This will have little to do with Germany, but the rest of the posts on this blog definitely (hopefully?) will!

Obviously, this blog is meant to record my thoughts on this trip. However, I did want something a little more personal, and I know lots of people (travel bloggers, especially) tend to keep journals or diaries, etc. I decided to go this route, and I also combined my love of planners with the journal idea. Planners are key for type A, paranoid organized people like myself, who really need to see what they’ve got going on that day. Or, if you’re like me, writing it down is one step closer to actually doing the thing (which is what you can tell yourself when you’re procrastinating, and not doing the thing).

So, without further ado, here’s what I’m working with.

(not pictured is my very nice, very pretty pen that I got from Cultural Vistas, in the pre-departure package that you can read about in another post)

The planner itself is a gorgeous A6 Size planner from Hobonichi Techo, a Japanese company. The cover for the planner is the Lapis cover, featuring artwork from the artist junaida’s “Lapis” series. The markers are also from Hobonichi Techo. The rest of the stationary (including the pencil pouch) is from Etsy (if you’d like the link to the stores, please let me know in the comments).

Finally, a picture to illustrate how exactly I’m using this journal-planner-thing:

Slightly messy, but practical, and actually a little empty right now. But, like this blog, I hope to update it fairly often. The journal will be for more personal thoughts, hopes, dreams, etc. Also scrapbooking, because I need something to do with all these tickets I’m keeping.

Bis später,



2 thoughts on “What I’m Working With

  1. Stewart Buecker says:

    Have a wonderful journey J.T., you will replay many of the moments you are experiencing over and over for the rest of your wonderful life.


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